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Can You Channel All Your Ideas This Way Pls?!


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Hi everyone,


My boss is on holiday next week and has given me the grand task of doing our pre-school planning...I don't mind..quite enjoy it actually...but as the week is cracking on and I have to spend the weekend shopping for resources...I was wondering if anyone has read Room on a Broom? and has any ideas or tried and tested ones that they would like to share...the reason I ask is that we do 4 activities and observations each day so I could do with as many ideas as poss..


thanks in advance..


PS my quick general ideas so far are:

role play area with cauldron, paper lanterns, witches outfits, book of spells, magic wands, rubber bats, bugs etc

make your own witches nose out of plastercine

design your own magic cape (decorate bin liners with shiney paper etc)

broom races in the garden

paint/draw/collage/design your own broomstick

write a list of items and have a go at creating your own spell

sequencing - get them to put mini photocopied pictures of the story in order

grouping - get them to put objects that belong in the air, on land and in the sea into the correct groups



Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Lu xxx

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I don't know the story but just 1st thoughts;


face paints

like your idea about spells

can you teach them any basic magic tricks?

and , a bit obscure, take a hoover ( modern broomstick) into preschool but let the children really explore it, feel the suction, see how it picks up different objects ( or not) feel the vibration etc etc,


have lots of fun, which I am sure you will, and I bet the children will come up with some fantastic ideas of their own during the course of the week, just listen to them. :D



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Is there room on the broom for a frog like me!!! I love this book i've always wanted to create our own story box for this one!!

When I read this story i encourge the children to ... the witch tapped the broom stick.... the children tap the floor and whosh they were gone... the children look around the room. Could you make a cauldron?

Iggerty, zigerty, zagerty, zoom & out rose a truley magnificent broom!!!!

Have fun!


Dear Peggy you must!!!

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It is a great book! I like all those rhyming type books and I think because I enjoy reading them, the children like hearing them! I had the great job of kitting out the pre-school room with new books and this was definately one on my list!

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Guest DeborahF

I don't know if there are any more available but I bought an extremely cheap storysack for Room on the Broom from Ebay - so simple, if I'd had time I could have gathered the resources myself. The children loved it!

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We had made our own potions, each day we put out different ingredients for the children to explore like food colouring, water etc vinegar, and bicarb produced the most fantastic reactions and the discussions and vocab the activity produced was great.


A selection of all the author's other books would be good as they are all so popular.


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thanks to everyone who replied, it's great to bounce ideas around and those ideas have now taken me down new avenues so I thank you again :D

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