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Dear all Can anyone send me a copy of their weekly timetable as a rough guide to how they organise their day we are getting confused in our school to the timing of activities planning etc. thanks Ruth Reception Teacher

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Hi Ruth and welcome to the forum sorry I can't help as we dont have a weekly timetable. We roughly organise our day

8.50 with parents select activity

9.00 children seperate into reception / nursery groups for registration short whole class activity (this varies week to week- one week being literacy focus next numeracy focus)

9.20ish children come together sme working on adult directed tasks/focused activities remainder free choice child initiated activities. We also opperate free flow snack and access to the outdoor area

11.10 children again sperate into nursery/reception groups prior to lunch/home time at 11.30


12.45 children seperate into nursery /reception for registration short whole class session (reverse of morning session)

1.05 adult directed/ focused/ child intiated

2.45 children seperate into nursery/reception prior to home time


timings change as the year progresses

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don't know if this is what you want, but have a look anyway. It looks more formal than it actually is, ie; not as subject divided as you would think but my head wanted a timetable of some kind. The literacy, numeracy and topic sessions are some indep., some adult led, some CIP but you cant show that on a timetable like this.

Hope its ok, going on holiday tomorrow so won't be able to help in any other way.

No FSF for 2 weeks, and don't know what the internet avaliability is in Cuba - oh dear!

Liz x


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