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Parent Questionnaires/interviews On Admission

Guest bobby

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hello, cold, wet and dull here and no prospect of a holiday so trying to get school work sorted incase the sun comes back out.

I work in a 39 place nursery class [78 children per day] with 1 teacher and 2 nursery nurses. As you can imagine record keeping, observations etc. are difficult to keep up to date with the numbers in question.

However, my head wants information on entry and has arranged 10 minute parental interviews at the beginning of term.

I have to make a questionnaire to gain enough information for him to use towards value added assessment at the end of reception.

I have always had a questionnaire about the child such as things he/she likes, worries etc.

Do any of you lovely people have any ideas for parental questionnairs and how to use them sensitively.

60% of our intake has English as an additional language and i will not have any interpreters!!!!

Thanks for any help you can give. :o

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No pressure there then.


Not sure what to suggest really. 10 mins is no time and in your situation where you really need interpreters even more difficult.


I used the profile handbook to devise a questionnaire for the reception classes when I was FS coord. but we home visited and although in a similar situation re EAL we all had bilingual TAs to go with us. Occasionally we met a language we did not "speak" and it was difficult communicating with that family.


I would think you need to think about the on entry assessments you do in nursery and how you could do these with the parents, perhaps with mother tongue support?


Good luck. Hope someone else will have some better ideas

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