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I'm doing the topic of Austrailia within the next couple of weeks, and stuck for ideas for our planning. We have already decided upon a jungle theme within the role play area and the small imaginative with bugs and lizards and magnifyers etc Just wondered if anyone had any creative ideas, things for water tray etc?


Thank you



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Hi, you could have songs like Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. Waltzing matila.

What about a plane to get to Australia, using chairs etc....

Do u know someone that has a digeridoo? The children love this because it is different. I have used one of those in nursery and reception.

You could make green spagetti to put in the water to make it look murky like a swamp. Put things in there like lizards, frogs etc...

What about face paint to make them look like aborigines. Although you would need to ask permission for this from parents i would imagine.


You could use wall paper and get children to put their hand prints all over it. This looks great as a wall display. I remember seeing aboringines hand paintings in caves when I went to see ayers rock. Can't think of any more things at the mo. Hope this helps.

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Im not too sure whether jungle and australia would complement each other - try looking at the outback as the topic

this way you could focus on the animals etc

eg kangaroos could be incorporated into physical play jumping and bouncing

songs and musical insrtuments

painting in the style of rolf harris

aboriginal art would be really exciting maybe even jewellery

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Just had another idea what about making the sand coloured. Not sure how you could do this but wouldnt that be great. You could make it red like it is at ayers rock.

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Hi, you could try writing to Australia House and ask if they have any resources, info or pictures they wouldn't mind sending to you. Most embassies are usually more than happy to send something out to pre-schools, nurseries, schools etc



Australian High Commission


Head of Mission: HE Mr Richard Kenneth Robert Alsto

Address: Australia House


London WC2B 4LA



Website: http://www.australia.org.uk/

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when we covered this topic we made fairy bread "an Australian favortite" ( so my reasearch told me!) easy to do spread one piece of bread with marg or butter, cut off the crusts, cover with multi coloured sprinkels/ sugar strands (like hundreds and thousands but long), cut into triangles and eat!! not good for your diet and full of colourings and E numbers, but is good fun to make and eat!!!

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Guest tinkerbell

Just done Australia with my reception/yr1

Aborigine art work..dot painting on kitchen roll tubes to make didgeridoos,dot painting on a boomerang shape,painting Australian animals.

Geography/KUW using world map find Australia, set up travel agents( travel agent who happened to be born in Australia came to speak to the children),map of Australia and read Possum magic, find the cities etc.

Food , made vegimite on toast, lamingtons,aztec biscuits,damper

learnt lots of Australian songs and listened to tape of the Aborigine people singing watzing Matilda

Found a web site of a small Aborigine school in S Australia and read the childrens posters about their school...we made posters about our school and talked about the differences,also wrote postcards as if we were in Australia

Story boxes made from shoe boxes of the different environments in Australia, the children made a desert, rainforest,beach and city scene(cut out the backdrop from travel brochures.They used plastic animals to tell stories.

Read the Aborigine creation stories eg Tiddlick.

Hope some of these ideas are ok..my class loved finding out about Australia I started by finding out by asking them what they knew...not a lot , but they are so full of it now its brilliant.The Ofsted inspector was blown away by all our work.


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