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Early Years Degree-essay!


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xD Hello degreemum here, has anyone any ideas how to practically relate cognitive development and play. what a vast topic i hear you say!, but could I be specific and just look at one play activity and a stage in development. has anyone looked at this before, any ideas???


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Do you have to refer to some different educational theorist's in your essay?


Piaget springs instantly to my mind, what about examining a play activity (just pick one of your choice) and examine the approach that someone like Jean Piaget would take. You could also examine what critics say about the work of Jean Piaget, such as Margaret Donaldson.

Have you done a lot of work/research yet on cognitive development?

I have found that it is really useful to refer to journals and magazines, such as Nursery World and educational papers such as Tes (referencing them using the Harvard approach) to get the much needed higher marks in essays.

Which Early years course are you doing?




Roe :):)

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Thanks roe for you reply. its a combined special needs and early years degree.

Yes I had thought to look at one activity, just wondereing how many educationalist I should put in, difficult I know, sometimes you can just feel overwhelmed, but when you look at it it does become a little clearer, have you done an early years degree?? :o

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Hi Degreemum,


I'm in year two, doing a BA Childhood Studies. We did a module on Play last semester, but had to do a presentation not an essay though.


Have you got a certain play activity in mind? Or what about focusing on the importance of learning through play?

As you said, this topic is huge, what about focusing on a part that really interests you?

Sometimes these assignments can seem so huge its difficult to get going, try breaking it down a bit.

If you are looking at children with special needs, why don't you focus on one particular type of special need and discuss the benefits of learning through play relating directly to a child with a particular special need.

You could also discuss the relevance of Lev Vygotsky's theories and the importance of adult interaction...scaffolding that kind of stuff!


Best of luck, hope that is of some help. I know what it is like trying to juggle a family and do a full time degree course....hectic.... and at times just a little stressful!


Kindest regards,


Roe :)

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This could well be completely useless but I wonderd whether it may be an idea to get hold of copies from the recent TV series by Robert Winston on cognitive development. I know it only touches the suface of many issues but it may help you get an idea into what interests you and would give a starting point to the research that has already been carried out.



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