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I feel as if Im in an unenviable position and certainly have no experience so can anyone help, please?

My student son wants accomodation in London for himself and his girlfriend. He is at Greenwich uni and she is based at Harrow so they ideally need to be somewhere within easy reach of both!! (Home sounds quite a good option to me but they do wish to minimise the travelling that that would entail!)

SO anyone know how we best go about this?

We have seen an organisation called flatland 1979 who seem to think they will be able to help but charge a fee, so anyone used them?

Obviously, being students, money is an issue and my son needs internet access! They really want to be self contained.

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I've got no easy answer for you Susan, sorry. All I can think is that they need to narrow down their options and then go flat hunting in those areas. They need to think about travelling - what are the connections like to the places they want to go to, how much will it cost and how long would it take? You find just about anything on the internet - once they've thought about where might be a possibility the next thing is the cost of renting, which will vary from area to area and will have an impact. Then if they've got a few days - a bit of legwork visiting letting agencies and seeing whats out there. They'll get a better idea of what the places are like by visiting them too. Things can be made to look very good on paper! :o Or maybe someone has an easier solution.................... xD


Good luck to them though. :D

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Sorry Susan I have no easy answer for you either :(


I was in the same position a few years ago with my eldest son. The only difference was he had just got his first job since graduating so wasn't on a student income. He initially commuted to London daily but this invovled high costs in terms of train fare (even with season ticket) and time involved and after a few months he decided to move to London.


We trawled the net for letting agencies and then had several day trips to traipse round viewing possible flats to rent. I have to say the main issue was the horrendous cost :(


Rental prices do vary enormously and I think it is a case of looking at locations that would be within acceptable travelling distance for Grenwich and Harrow. It's also worth remembering to include the travel costs when doing any calculations - a cheaper rent may not be that beneficial if it is too far out and the expense of travel may mean a more expensive rent nearer to where they want to be would be a better option.


I know when we were hunting we steered clear of any agency that charged a fee - we just looked at what they had on offer and may arrangements to view any 'possibles'. Also bought the london evening paper and scoured the ads!


My geographical knowledge of London is non existant! but my son currently rents a three bedroom flat in Kensington with two friends - it is lovely but they pay £280 a week each!!! :oxD my son thinks it's worth it, he is within a stones throw of his workplace and they have a superb landlord who can't do enough for them.


Hope this doesn't sound too negative and I wish you lots of luck and am sure it will all work out just fine - do let us know how it goes.

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Can you do any searches on the internet and see what comes up for agencies. I've done the Uni bit apart from asking the student union if they have any agencies they know then that might be to cloe for your son and to far for his girlfriend. Leg work is probably the best way. I had the problem my son was at Liverpool and we are on the south coast so it was like being in different countries. However much you would like them to be at home it does wonders for them to be away. Think of what you say to parents with their little ones make them independant. :D:o Good luck hope it goes well I have a few years before the next one


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