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HI all



we provide a morning snack and a tea at nursery, our lunches are brought across ready made to us.


just wondering if any of you had any menu ideas.



we sometimes have for breakfast, biscuit and milk, cereal and milk, toast and milk, fruit and milk.


tea: crumpets and jam, syrup pancakes, teacakes, hotdogs, fruit loaf, sandwiches... all these are often served with fruit.... but not sure we are getting enough variety of foods in.


was reading thru an article today to do with ofsted and it listed an example of good practice where by the parents were asked what they would want on the menu, How many of you consult your parents?

also ofsted like the children to make at least one healthy snack a week. does this happen in your setting?



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Different sorts of bread - pitta, naan, french bread, bagels. We also sometimes have crackers or breadsticks. Try cutting up some vegetables too to make a change from fruit - carrot, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, peppers are all good. As a change from jam you could have cheese, cream cheese, eggs depending on allergies. My minds gone blank at the moment and its my assistant who's in charge of organising snack so she would have more ideas than me. :D

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I would consider using foods from around the world such as pasta, noodles etc, as well as different types of bread as mentioned by Beau.


I would also consider cutting down on the sweet things, such as jams etc but that is because I'm a real stress head about sugary things and teeth! Fruit and vegetables, as well as cheese cubes are all good, obviously depending on allergies.


Before our pre-school closed, the children enjoyed making their own healthy snack contributions, but we tended to do this on the more quiet days!


I didn't know the ofsted rules on that, it was just something we encouraged (independence etc) because the children enjoyed it.

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