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Just got a copy of the playing with sounds. Do people use this as their phonic planning or do you take bits of it and incorporate it into your literacy planning?

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We have always been told that pips/ playing with sounds Phonics work is seperate from any literacy sessions and is done in addition.

Has playing with sounds training recently from our LEA advisor and he re-inforced this. Just something else to fit into the day!


Those plans are great, have been using them for a couple of years and they make everything much clearer - although are going to change in the next year with the revised curriculum - wait and see!


Liz x

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We dont do literacy sessions as such. But include all literacy type activities in our planning.

All our literacy activities are broken down into small 'chunks' to fit the childrens attention levels with big emphasis on listening skills.

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We're the same Marion. We do all the aspects of Literacy we're supposed to but in much smaller chunks.


We use 'Playing with sounds' across KS1 stuff as a resource - not necessarily a set scheme we follow to the letter. It has lots of great ideas and is mostly very practical - but also add in our own stuff / other ideas.


I'm becoming involved in a reading scheme in sept. which focuses on phonics and has apparently had excellent results across the city so will let you know how it goes :)

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Ive just dug out our Playing with Sounds /PiPs training stuff in which we shown how to use it in Literacy hours in KS1 classes and have added some quotes from the Standards Site plus the link to the whole document.





department for

education and skills



Best practice: Beacon

focus on phonics

It was evident from school visits and from talking with teachers and inspectors that implementation was patchy and, where PiPs had been implemented, they were often not being applied in shared writing but only taught in isolation from the rest of the literacy teaching.



It was agreed that the beacon school would write to the identified schools and invite them to visit either a YR or Y1

class to see PiPs being used in class.

The programme consisted of: ! a half-day visit to a YR or Y1 class to see a literacy hour which included PiPs and follow-up in place with application in shared writing where possible'




We are looking at 'broadening' our reading schemes and hopefully getting rid of ORT and Ginn 360 so would be very interested to hear how you get on Kelly. :)

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