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I am new at my Nursery and i have the Summer holidays to write the updated policies


Drug Policy

Gifted and Talented

Parental PArtnership/ Involvement#

Community Links


Does anyone have one that i could take a look at, or do you know where i might find help with this.


Many Thanks in advance





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Hi Blossom, New in your Nursery and they've already got you working in the holidays? Hope your paid for your time :oxD ( aren't we all-not)


Drug Policy - is this administering medication to children or Staff drug use or parents under the influence of drugs? I have a passage in my disciplinary procedure about the consequences to staff if found to be under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs. My Child Protection policy addresses parents as drug users.


Gifted and talented, I haven't got a policy as such, but my curriculum policy addresses our commitment to ensuring each childs indivisual developmental needs are met.


We have a parent as partners policy ( it's on my other computor - in publisher format) try a search, I'm sure you will find one or maybe someone else can direct you to the policy section of the forum.


I don't have a community links policy, yet I still got a "GOOD" at my recent Ofsted inspection for the outcome making a contribution, which included our community links with local shops, school , library etc.


I'd just like to add that you should really only do a draft format and then include ALL staff in formulating the policies.


Good luck with your new job.



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