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we had our early years advisor come in today and she said that our national standards booklet was old, and to order a new one of the website.

The latest version i can bring up is the 2001 edition, (which is not linked to the 5 outcomes, as the inspections now are).. is the 2001 issue the latese issue?

Also she asked us if we had an are you ready for ofsted booklet and the one we had was way old, the one i bring up on the ofsted site is 2005, is that the newest issue...

are you working with these issues in your setting or are there more update one's that i may be missing?



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Yes this is the one we are using, we also have the updates that have comes after this, one was an Appendum, i think this is what it was called - it was pink in colour i think! and two others, they are A4 size just a few pages long. Have you looked at Peggys attachments for Ofsted, as i'm sure ready for your inspection was on there, along with firm foundations. Hope this makes sense!!!!!

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Hi Dawn,


I think you need 'Every Child Matters', along with the Standards - my copy is 2003 (but not linked to ECM outcomes). Think the 'Ready for Inspection' is about the latest - can't lay my hands on it right now.....



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The red patterned standards and solid red guidance book are still valid-2001 versions.

There has been a white book (Oct 05) and the Addendum which have just altered the legal requirements and adjusted some of the wording.

THe 'Are you ready...' has only been published once, so that is the correct copy and will show you what part of the standards to link to the outcomes.

RB x

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