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I am currently doing a business plan for a new day nursery and preschool (in the south west / bristol area) and I need to get an idea of expeted salaries for all levels of employees within the nursery setting. The nursery is expected to take approx 120 children aged 3months - 5years. Can anyone give me a realistic salaray expectation of the following roles:-


Nursery nurse (babies)

Nursery nurse (toddlers)

Nursery assistant (babies / toddlers)

Classroom Assistants - pre school



I have an idea of the expected salaray but am yet to find anyone who will help me to understand if I am on the right lines. I do not have an issue with paying staff so am not looknig for the lowest possible salary I just need to forecast expenditure and without an understanding of salary expectations I'm a bit stuck! Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you :0)

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In our Nursery NNs are paid Minimum Wage on qualifying, thereafter they get merit rises (if appropriate :o ) annually. New, qualified, staff get whatever the Directors consider them worth, based on experience and salary in previous post. Nursery Assistants get a Training rate based on whether they are working towards Level 2 (ie, unqualified) or Level 3 (L2 qualified, obvious, but thought I'd better make it clear, no offence intended! :) )


Will have to get back to you on the rates and the cook, not at work right now.



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Our pay scales are worked out on qualification and experience also. Although there was a slight disagreement between me and my manager, as I was being paid one amount per hour as manager and a level 3 newly qualified person was also being paid the same as me for an assistant position. :o


Ive generally worked in places where qualified staff are on minimum wage, and as Sue has mentioned, raises were given over a period of time or if a staff member had worked particularly hard.


Any more than that, I'm afraid I can't help you with!

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Have a look here. Some authorities have a Job Vacancies page. A lot of employees look on their to compare wages.


Also, contact Nursery World, they had an article last year which did a survey of salaries across Britain. That may help.

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Have a look on the childcarelink site for jobs in your area, some people advertise with a wage attached that way you will get an idea for your area or have a browse around for other areas close to you

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It really does vary from area to area, so like others have said, you should look for local adverts in your area.

I have a document at work that shows average salary information - possibly taken from Nursery World last year, so I'll attach that when I am back in on Wednesday (if I remember - I'll write a note in my diary!)

Minimum wage tends to be a starting point, but qualifications, responsibilites and experience can all be added to this.

RB x

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This sounds good Running Bunny - I'd be really interested in seeing this.

Like Clare mentioned previously- there are such inconsistencies in pay generally as there is no set structure to follow.

I've been shocked to find out that our deputy is on less than a few other members of staff. It seems to be that the ones that shout the loudest get what they want.

I'd be really interested to see any information that anyone has got on this issue.

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I agree a local issue, however as an employer, to stop issues such as becsltd has mentioned, I am totally transparant about my wage scales to all staff. This stops any misunderstandings and feelings of unfairness, or actually behaving unfairly / ie no-one can shout too loud at me!!- it's part of my equal opps policy. I justify to myself how I work out my salaries, and every staff member knows what is expected of them 'to earn their wage'. I do not discuss my justifications with everyone, each member of staff only has to be happy with their pay scale for what they do, if they are not, they can negotiate, develop their skills / knowledge to attain a higher position or change jobs. Salary levels should be 1/ within budget. and 2/ a fair level for work done. However, I don't want staff to work for me just because of salary, job satisfaction is more holistic than that


I have salary rates for;

level of responsibility-positions

additional roles



I am considering bringing in bonuses such as for good attendence for example I have a member of staff who not only has never had any time off in 4 yrs, she also comes in overtime to cover for others absences, yet on the other hand, I employed a new member of staff in May and she has had a total of 4 weeks off already this term!!



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