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I have been reading about peer observations, and am keen to put these into practice as a tool for bringing about change.


Does anyone have a particularly good method or format that you use for staff to reflect on their own practice?

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I haven't got an actual format other than the peer obs sheets. Di you mean a more indepth type of format for example to reflect on their teaching methods?

This could be quite useful as a training tool. criteria such as using appropriate teaching methods to the childs learning style. Teaching methods such as Directing, Instructing, Modelling, explaining, reflecting ( the adult verbalises what and how the child is doing something just after the child has done it), demonstrating, copying, observing,( no interaction) questioning, valuing etc.


maybe you could do a 1st thoughts excersise with your staff to come up with a list of criteria to reflect upon.


Would be nice to see a copy if you do one.



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