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Hello everybody


I have just started at a new setting and they are just starting to do circle time with the children. I was hoping you minght have some ideas for a song sing to start of the session and one to finish it apart from nursery ryhmes. I used to have a book full of then but left it at a previous setting and when i asked for it back it seems that fairys had borrowed it and forgot to bring it back.


Also does anybody have any idea for golden rule as the behaviour is terrible and i want to introduce a visual board but not sure how to make it really simple.

Thanks very much of to go and make a number song props on a sunday must be or what lol :o

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We start with a chant taken from the SEAL resources 'we are special, we are clever, we are the nursery people from (add your setting name)'. We chant it three times, first with vigourous :o arm swings, then while stamping, then in a whisper while gently tapping fingers.


Our golden rules are

We are kind to each other (discuss how we achieve this)


We look after ourselves (discuss toilet routines, snack time, etc)


We look after each other (discuss things such as walking indoors, sweeping or mopping up spills, etc.)


We look after our nursery (discuss putting equipment away, dropping litter into the bin, washing hands before using ICT equipment if played in the sand, etc.)


We tell a grown if we are hurt (discuss accidental and 'on purpose' hurting, hurt feelings, etc)

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We sing,

'Helllo children how are you?

It's so nice to be with you.

Time to listen to our friends

Circles curve and have no ends

Hello children how are you?

It's so nice to be with you

Tune is Twinkle Twinkle words are a little naff but it seems to work (when we've tried to change it children ask for 'real one'

rules are:

We walk in the Nursery

We ask a grown up for help

We have tidy hands (keep our hands to ourselves)

We have helping hands

We also display reminders at different activities about expectations of behaviour - 'we keep the sand in the tray' ' 4 people at the water tray' and so on (As monica from Friends would say 'rules control the fun!)


This term we have used a bus and bus stop display. All the children drew/painted their faces and start off every morning on the bus, children are removed from bus and wait at bus stop if they display certain behaviours. they are able to catch the bus again if the behaviour stops/improves At the end of the session we count the number of children still on the bus and congratulate those who have finished their journey



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For our rules we have a picture of feet with "walking feet" written next to them, hands with "helping hands", ears for "listening ears", eyes for "looking eyes" and a mouth for "quiet voices". Hope that's clear!!



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We use :


Welcome, welcome everyone,

Now we're here let's have some fun!( thumbs up)

First we clap our hands like so.

Then we touch our toes like so.

Welcome, welcome everyone,

Now we're here lets have some fun!(thumbs up)


Also sung to the ubiquitous 'Twinkle twinkle Little Star' tune.

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We use

Staff ; Goodmorning children,

goodmorning children,

goodmorning children

and how are you today?


Children; Very well thankyou,

very well thankyou,

very well thankyou

and how are you today?


Staff; Very well thank you



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We use the Mr Men for our golden rules, for example we have Mr Bump who says that we walk nicely , we have a picture of a mr men, the words - then laminate them, we made them up with the help of the children, they decided what our golden rules were going to be and which mr men we could use - we also have mr happy who says we are nice to each other.

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Hi, we don't have a song to start with but we allways finish up with "If your happy & you know it" this works well as you can change the actions to keep it intresting. This is also the que for other staff members clearing away that we will soon be entering the main hall again, so this prompts every one for the next stage of the session.

Our Golden rules are on a bright orange poster in the quiet area so as we can explain them when needed in a peacefull area!! (if there is such a thing!) The poster is headed "At our playgroup we will..." ....... walk around the room " with an image of a walking man on the left side with a big green tick near by, then the objective in the middle followed by a running man with a big red cross near by. We also have "....look after each other", "....use our quiet voice", ".....use our listening ears" & ".... have a good time" The pictures used are repeated around the room and we created some flash cards to use when required for example running became very popular! so we all had a card in our pocket to use straight away. Oh er sounds like a football match!!! We recap on our golden rules as a group thing! and ask the children what could be changed and when we have a new starter we introduce the board and encourge the other children to explain it to the new child.

Hope this is ok and usefull, it's the first time i've found time to reply to any thing on here, roll on the summer holiday!!!!

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hi guys


Thankyou for your replys they are really helpfull.

Ijust have to convince the other staff to try them well and carry it throughi.

I suppose you cant have everything

Thanks again Blue :o

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