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Hi all,


We have two 1 hour slots to use the laptops with reception children. I tend to get just 4 laptops and work with 8 children at a time. In the Autumn term we concentrated on logging on and off and using Painter on Black Cat. This term we have been using The Tortoise and the Hare talking book, but although the children are loving this we can't use this indefinately. The problem is there aren't many resources suitable for Rec. children on the laptops. I had originally thought about using the internet - some of the BBC early years website - but am beginning to think this would be better done on the classroom p.c.


Does anyone else use laptops with Rec, and have you found meaningful activities to do? Any suggestions most welcome.


Thanks a lot,


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Thanks for that Janet. My computer's playing up tonight - I put the link on but got a warning that I'd performed an illegal operation :o ! Never mind I'll try again from school.


I've seen 2simple on an ICT course and we are supposed to be getting a copy (sometime!), but it will only be one copy for the class computer rather than a site licence to use it on all the laptops - too expensive.


Is the link you gave my something that we could use from the internet - or was it info about 2simple generally?



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