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One year six production of Joseph and I've become obsessed with ancient Egypt!


We've decided to 'do' ancient Egypt and I'm on the hunt for any festivals. I've Googled it and have come up with a couple, mainly the solstice/sun festival at Abu Simbel.


Does anyone know of anymore? Or other Egyptian ideas?


Thanks in advance.


Fluff x

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Hi Fluff,


I attended a course last term on "Global perspectives in the early years" during the afternoon a lovely lady named "baeda" provided a middle eastern dance workshop using egyptian music. The dances consisted of fluid movements using floaty scarves and another using feathers where she suggested using the back of your hand as a bat to keep the feather moving(not palms, too sweaty) the feather dance ends by passing the feathers back but then dancing as if you still have it, eventually ending up on the floor. The dance workshop was excellent I'm sure the children would love something similar.

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