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I have some money to spend for my Reception class. A majority of it is for my outdoor area and literacy area. I have got all the catalogues out but am not sure what to buy. I do not have much storage space so am unable to purchase large items.


What I would like to know is what resources do you find work really well. What can you not live without in your classrooms...

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For the outdoor area you just have to have some bikes and trikes if you don't already. Just force someone to give you some storage place!!! We had great wooden building blocks at my last school which came from the Galt catalogue I think. They were very expensive, but big enough to make camps, cars, trains and obstacle courses out of. I really miss them! They came in a big wooden trolley too, but I expect that woudl have doubled the price!


A box of musical instruments is good outside, as I can't bear the constant noise of them in the classroom. You can get sets of plastic hockey sticks with pucks, and 'pop up' goals which the children really enjoy too.


A set of whiteboards and marker pens is great for literacy if you don't already have them. You can get magnetic whiteboards, so they can use magnetic letters on them too. My kids love the farm and farm animals and get it out every day I think. We put other things in the box sometimes, cars and people or zoo animals or building blocks to take their play in different directions.


This isn't really the same, but I've just turned the role play area into a garage and a parent has lent us a workstation, tools and a set of overalls. We made a car out of big boxes and set up a reception with phone, paperwork, till etc. I know it's all simple stuff, but I can't keep the kids out of it - we even had to agree a limit on places in there (I never usually do this!) because it was absolutely full of bodies! That certainly got their imaginations going!


Anyway, I'm just waffling on now. I bet you'll get loads of good suggestions, hope this is some help,


Dianne xxx

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