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Planning A New Topic For Aut 1


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I am trying to plan a new topic so that our R/Y1 mixed class do not repeat our usual 'Ourselves' topic

Has anyone done 'Changes' as a topic before?

Does anyone have any planning ideas?

I would also be interested to know what other topics anyone has used to start with new children to reception.

I would really appreciate some help

xx Thanks

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I've got a good book 'All about my nieghbourhood' by Nursery world

ISBN 1-84122-002-7

It's filled with ideas & you could incorporate 'myself' stuff also/ build upon experience etc?

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Thanks skylight :D have had a similar day to the one you described in your starting points post. :oxD have been staring at the topic title changes while everyone else seemed to be making progress my ideas were not forthcoming we are also supposed to have an 'experience' to start

had not thought of a celebration to end great idea although at the moment getting started is the biggest hurdle.


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I think the thing I am experiencing that makes it seem all so difficult at the moment is the fact that the children are a vital and misiing element!

Don't really feel that any topic is invalid as they have a wonderful ability to grab the riens of the most simplist and most exciting things and rightfully turn it into something wonderful!

It's my own trauma of having things down on paper and trying to make them look interesting in a professional manner.

Hang in there and have faith, sometimes it just simply doesn't come on the spot. Maybe over the weekend, just think about the things you are doing in the home/ shopping/ visiting friends and relatives .... and how you may expand upon those experiences (which children will know and expand upon)... if you know what I mean?

Actually, I quite like that as a topic... 'Visiting friends and relatives' ....... you could incorporate loads there.

Be interesting to know what you get up to ...

All the best & may 'the force be with you'!


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We will be atarting the year with a mixed topic of getting to know you- year R, my school and my home- year R and Year 1.


More emphasis on houses and homes for the year 1s so lots of geography, science opportunities etc.



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We are starting in September using the SEAL topic New Beginnings(whole school) and our own topic looking at the people who work in school.

We have done a Changes topic in the past based on changes in our lives. made triangular books showing how we have grown and the things we can do now that we couldnt do when we were babies. Once there were giants is a good book for this concept also When I was small like you.

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Thanks Marion

Triangular books sounds great have not come across them, how do you make them?

Do you still have planning for the Changes topic? and did you do it at the beginning of the year?

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changes is a good topic - and vast if you are not careful!

It can incorporate aspects of the dreaded 'ourselves' topic (what DO children think every September as this rolls up in its many guises?!)


Think of .... How have YOU changed? so ch can bring in the usual baby photos for a display - along with items of clothing to show changes in size etc. Geta health visitor in with a real baby to show how ch physically change as they grow.


Also link with how changes we can make to food/ice/etc. Art - changing primary colurs by adding white/black - making secondary colours. Do chromatography experiments with coffee filter paper and black felt pens - don't use waterproof ones like I did! Put blobs of pen onto the paper and addd DROPS of water, watch the ink spread and look for the new colours. When they dry they make a great abstract display

The 'awe and wonder' on their faces is worth capturing on camera!


Good luck

jennim :)

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