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Hello there


Have been asked by the head to write a manifesto for the New Unit that we are starting in Sept -

she suggested things like

all children to be happy

all children to have access to a school outing



we've thought of a few brief ideas


anyone any others - my brain hurts - been planning unit things all day




Sarah xoxox

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The central importance of all parents and families for each childs well being and as their first educator


Each child to have a key person in the setting, to ensure their well being, so that they develop independence by having someone they can depend on.


to recognise that young children are competent learners from birth, and that the relationships they have with other children and adults are important to their development.


There will be plans for the individual child using sensative observations and assessments, schedules, routines and teaching will flow with the childs needs.


Adults will endorse the central role of play both indoors and out in supporting learning.


Young children will have opportunities to learn by doing, rather than through being told.


Children will be given appropriatte responsibilities, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices.


adults recognise that learning through play and the development of imagination and creativity is ( sometimes-I've added this word) a shared endeavour, some of it led by the child, and some by an effective practitioner.


the importance of involving key partners such as health visitors and social workers, in childrens successful development and learning


Value is placed on diversity, welcoming and genuinely including all children


it is from what the child can already do ( rather than what they cannot do) that will be the starting point of the childs development and learning.



taken from the Principles underpinning the EYFS ( possibly implimented in 2008, so worth looking at now, so you don't feel your manifesto will need much changing as the EYFS comes into being)


adapt the phrases to be from a childs perspective, what they would mean to them in terms of actions.


ie; Adults will endorse the central role of play both indoors and out in supporting learning.


All children to have opportunities to play both indoors and out.



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Wow Peggy you never cease to amaze me with your posts, :o that's fab!! :)



I can't take credit otherwise that would be plagarism, just had the right pievce of paper to hand at the right time xD


I do quite like the ethos of early years. :D and it never hurts to give them a re-look now and then.



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