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Just wanted to run this by someone.


We have a child, under 3, with a developmental level probably at about the 18 month stage. Physically big for his age, I would say. Only speech sound is 'g' & all sounds are made at the back of the throat. He's been referred to SALT but it's taking ages.Family issues include low literacy levels & alleged domestic violence [on both sides].


He's on his first IEP & the Area SENCO is involved. We feel he really needs 1:1 as he's exhausting his key worker. There's no funding for that until he's had his second IEP evaluated, as I understand it. Parents have given consent for involvement, yet there's a feeling from the SENCO that there was an almost aggressive response to the invitation for father to attend the next review meeting next term - "He wants to be sure things are being done properly!"


How would you proceed if they withdrew their consent? We just have a feeling we may run into difficulties here; there's an element of denial going on. I don't know how long we can manage without 1:1, & in any case we obviously want to do what's best for him, too.


He's not funded until after Christmas & they are also poor payers! We've already said we may not be able to extend his sessions unless arrears are paid.


We would be interested to hear your comments. It's not easy to explain the situation like this, but I hope I've given you some idea of the problem.

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What can you do if they withdraw consent? You can only support the child whilst in your care to the best of your ability, and not to the detriment of the other children, what a sticky situation - the poor child obviously screaming out for help and support yet maybe being denied it by his parents!


You can only do so much,(is there perhaps a Child Protection issue? Intervention will take a different course if that becomes apparent)

I will be interested to see what the other posts will say, this in an interesting situation and a very sad one, good luck to you - keep us up-to-date on how you proceed, as with other posts we can all learn how to deal with these sensitive issues.


Sorry I am not in a position to advise you but I do empathise with you.

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