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Questions To Ask Manager B4 She Leaves


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managers_job_questions_edited.docHI all


My manager leaves friday, i take over monday.


I have thought of some general questions i want to ask her tommorow, (mainly about setting) but can you think of any more perhaps 'managerial' questions i should ask her....?


attatched are my questions so far



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how about where is the gin kept. you may need it by the end of the first week.

manager myself so know where you are coming from. well done on getting job.

chin up and shout out if you need any help

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Does your setting have an Operational plan??


If it does, maybe it needs review, over a period of time, one section at a time, then you can discuss, with the directors the 'procedures', including their effectiveness with YOUR style of management alongside the directors requirements. This would enable you to gradually get accustomed and knowledgable about all policies and procedures that you have to follow, disseminate to all staff, and monitor.


Your question sheet is a good starting point, maybe at your first directors meeting you could discuss / negotiate priorities of what you need to know, and therefore how your Induction to the managers role has been / will be planned.


One step at a time, as you are experiencing very quickly, management is definately multi-tasking :o


and as shuttle say's we are all here, (but obviously, as you say, can't help on specifics of your setting)



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