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My committee have asked me to raise a questionnaire for the parents who children start school this September. (Very short notice)


They want to know why parent picked our nursery and the positive areas plus areas they would of liked to see improvement in.


The committee also want to know why they have chosen a particular school for their child. As not all the children are attending the local school which the site we are on.


If anone could share with me any questionnaires which they have come across or arranged I would appreciate it has I need help setting the questionnaire out and on how to ask the questions.


Thank you Karen :)

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I haven't got a sample questionnaire for this particular area, but as far as asking questions is concerned, I have this which you can look at..... QUESTIONNAIRE_DESIGN___Checklist.doc


I would make it easy to read, use tick boxes and not spaces for comments, and no more than two pages (try for one if possible)


Leave a space at the bottom for any comments on a particular area.


Some ideas -

why did they choose the nursery (tick as many as apply)





happy children

other (state)


areas for improvement (tick all that apply)

layout of room

drop off/collection time

more alternatives offered at snack

(you will need to think of areas that could be identifed or use previous concerns or complaints to form this question)


You can ask them to name the school that their child is going to and then do another tick list -

Ofsted report

Friends recommendation

Better facilities



Only a few quick ideas of which I'm sure there will be more...



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