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Stepping Stones Assessments.


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I'm sure someone can point me in the right direction. We used to do assessments on our children that our LEA put together called All about me's that covered all the stepping stones. we would pass them on to schools. The LEA is now going to charge us all 50p to buy them so I thought we'd do something of our own. has anyone got a basis to start with that we can adapt, something that covers all OFSTED needs, and that does not take hours to fill in.

We have spoken to our feeder schools and they don't actually look at them unless there is a problem with the child, then they look and see what we have said about them. I have to say that rather makes me see red, cos if they looked at them in the first place they would have known there was a problem before they started but thats a whole different discussion.

thanks in advance to anyone that could help.


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Hi Steph,


Sorry, we only send the transition forms as i've been told previously that teachers don't look at anything other than that, seems stupid though that you spend ages with the children helping them grow and develop and the teachers don't want to know anything from you - hopeless :o !


Hope you get something sorted out,



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I can say I WILL look at mine also!

Only thing that springs to mind that may help was a link on assessment of the foundation stage. Think it was to do with gathering evidence. Someone had posted dividers for files for each area of learning (with really nice graphics!)- they also had the scales on them.

If you browse you will find (brain like a sieve-sorry). But I reckon you could adapt, there were other poformas also.

All the best


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