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Children Having A Voice / Being Active Contributors


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okay. in my letter of application for the managers job i waffled on about how i would like to help children become active contributors to the nursery, and to have a voice and to refelct this in the environment.

I just know i am going to get asked how i would do this, and i have mind freeze, im stumped....


i guess like for the pre-school; children we can present them with more choices at times like snack, ie milk and water, choice of fruits and cereals etc.... similarily we could do this with toys. but what could i do for younger children and how can we show that we are doing this in the nursery environment.


ideally my vision for the nursery would be one that you walked into and felt like the children had real ownership of the nursery, like they were heard and we saw children as individuals and treated them as such.... of course we do (in the main) see children as individuals but i want to make the nursery scream out ' i am a day nursery and this is all about the children' ~ how would i achieve this... any ideas... or is my vision just too far fetched????


hmmmm, ideas welcome.. interview tommorow



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