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Plan Of Action For Fsu


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I am trying to put together an action plan for the FSU which is due to be ready for Sept 2006. So far, I've audited all resources in Nursery and Reception, and ordered new for the unit. I've also looked at planning for Nursery and Reception, next I was thinking we should map out the areas of learning within the unit,

can anyone help with advice and support

I hope i'm doing the right thing.

I went on a transition course yesterday and we really need to work on transition into Year 1

from the unit next year! So I guess that will come into it, my head is buzzing.


I set out my action plan under these headings:




Target to reach

Strategies to develop


Resources and Estimated Cost

Moniitoring and Evaluation


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Did Mel show you ours when you visited?


Basically we identified areas where we knew we had weaknesses and how we planned to improve provision and over what period of time. We then meet every half term (approx) and add a progress report and any changes we want to make.


We had a transition meeting on Monday with Julia Graham and she said we were 'ticking all the boxes' with our transition policy and plans so maybe talk to her if youre not sure on this.

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Thanks Marion

I was on the transition course on Friday it was extremely useful - some nice ideas, we really will focus on going into Year 1

I think I will take small steps with my action plan

like teacher planning, planning the environment - areas of learning - map out where everything will go, how we collect evidence for assessment, parents meetings to smooth transition and reassure them, etc then go on to outdoor curriculum, etc etc

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