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Daily Plans - Again!


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Have seen various discussions about use of daily plans and am now totally convinced (and luckily so are my school) that they are the way to go (more flexibility to respond to assessments / children's interests etc).


But, can't find the examples I saw a while ago. Please can someone add theirs? Ideally need it by Friday because we have INSET day to look at exmaples and decide how we'll do it.


Also. I've made one up myself to show FS co-ordinator, just in case I can't find any and wondered if people could say what they think. It looks detailed but plan to only write breifly etc or type up as we plan. (Is for new FS unit so has two bits for each carpet session so we can decide when to split and when to mix ages / abilities)





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Kelly, yours looks good--have the courage of your own convictions and go for it, you can always adapt it as you work with it.


I have found another example posted by Marion here, which looks very similar in idea.


I have also seen daily planning within my travels a supply teacher that was really little more than a list following the timetable, in afternoon and morning sections.


Good luck. Let us know how it all goes.

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Thanks Susan. Have showed it to the rest of the current Reception teachers who seem really ken so now need to see what happens on Friday. :)

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Hi sorry this might sound silly


im a new user and ive just been browsing through section on planning - lots on daily plans

are daily plans for each new day? xD


am starting in nursery in september - we want to change our planning format - want the six areas to be used more and planned for more and we are starting continous outdoor - dont know how to get this onto one format!!!!! help :o


if any one has any formats you could send me would be really gratefull


with thanks x

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Hi Honey, not silly at all, never silly.


I'm not in nursery so cant help much with planning formats. I do supply teach though and have seen several different ways of nursery planning. A good starting point could be what the nursery does already and adapt?


If you havent found this continuous provision stuff you might find it helpful.

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