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Song Or Poem To Do With Toys


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okay, i was being over ambitious when i thought of the toy topic, and now am stumped. I need a song or poem (but preferably song) to do with toys, so that i can add it to our parents information letter.




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Miss Polly had a dolly.


There's one about a Jack in the Box goes something like:

My Jack in the box jumps up like this

He makes me laugh as he waggles his head

Then I gently press him down again

Saying Jack in the box you must go to bed.


This is done with appropriate actions.

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There's also the action song about a teddy bear.


Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground

Teddy bear , teddy bear turn out the light

Teddy bear. teddy bear say good night.


I think I've missed a line or 2! (or more!)

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:D Thank you, thank you, thank you, :D


~ any further ideas greatly appreciated, but thanks for the one's added.



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Hi Dawn


how about this one?




I've often heard a rumour

I've often heard it said,

that toys get up and move about

while children are in bed.

First of all they nod their heads

and then they stretch and bend,

slowly straightening up again,

to shake hands with a friend.


The soldiers go out marching,

saluting one by one,

while monkey keeps them all in time

by banging on his drum.

The dolls go to the kitchen

to make a pot of tea

Jumbo mixes up a cake

to share with you and me.


Teddy gets into a car

and drives fast out of sight,

while disco duck enjoys herself

by dancing through the night.

But all too soon it's over,

the last star fades away.

All the toys go back to sleep

as children wake to play.


Quite long but great (well I think so!) :D



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