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Help With A Ladybird Rhyme


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Does anyone know the Five little ladybird rhyme? Somewhere I have two copies, but can find neither of them. I'm trying to start my planning and this would help. Particularly want a subtraction rhyme. I'm struggling with finding anything on the web and my dear son has gone off with his computer for the weekend and its got my favourite places on that. So big please. I will be very grateful. :o Lynda

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The only one I know is...


5 little ladybirds sitting on a tree

All of a sudden, one of htem sneezed

'Aaaaatchoo' said the ladybird (big loud drawn out sneeze here!)

'Oh dearie me' (in a high pitched voice)

And she wibbled and she wobbled

And she fell out of the tree


I have a wooden tree about 4ft tall with five holes in it. I draw on 5 balloons to look like ladybirds and poke the bit you tie up thru the holes. Each time one falls out I ping a balloon to the children to catch!

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