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HI our next topic is toys (starts tommorow) ~ my idea for a topic but im stumped for ideas... so any one have any for crafts / activities / experiences


I work in the pre-school room ( 3- 5 years)





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Role play toy shop.

Look at a range of mechanical or remote controlled toys - wind up, push down, pop up etc.

Making items for a doll's house. (Use a shoe box to make a 'room' if you don't have a doll's house).

Fitting different size toys in different boxes.

Cleaning toys. eg small ones in water tray, 'car wash' for ride ons.

Talk about special toys which children may not want to share. Use a teddy with a special toy as a 'helper'.

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Make finger, sock puppets.

Have a puppet show using any puppets you may already have

Sorry the heat is getting to me.


Use Kippers Toy Box in maths for adding subtracting etc........................

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