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We're having a theme week next week on sports and exercise. I'm trying to think of some fun maths activities - I thought based on the world cup but anything else would be welcome.


Initial thoughts are to type up results from matches and accompany with flags (reading skills!). Then challenge children to find out how many goals various teams have scored (differentiated by higher/low scores) - did work on addition last week. Pushing on more able could compare two teams, find their scores, say who scored more/less and see if they can work out how many more (watch for different strategies and then teach counting up to find difference).


Top scorer - photo or name and number of goals scored for children to order.


For outdoors - either bean bags in hoop OR better still 'beat the goalie' type - giving them 5 penalties.


What do you think ?


Anyone got other ideas - I really want it to be fun (and outdoors if poss as the forecast is good).

It doesn't have to be football!



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Hi Harricroft,


I downloaded some lovely numbered football shirts from sparklebox they were free and the boys have loved ordering them, identifying the mising one and finding one more than.


Hope this helps. Have Fun!!!

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I cheekily contacted the local sport's centre to see if they would come and do any activities with the children. They replied saying they's be delighted to, and asked me which date would be best. They're coming to do a football skills session with the 3 - 5 year olds, and are leaving vouchers for the parents so that they can get into activities at the sport's centre for a reduction!

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