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Planning Format For Mixed Reception Year 1


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I have done a search but haven't found the right kind of thing


Does anyone have a weekly planning format for a R/Y1 class they would be willing to share?


Also what weekly planning you do? Everything on one sheet or seperate plans for Lit/Num?


Any ideas would be most appreciated



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This year I have been planning seperately for my Year rs and Year 1s.... as I only had them in the afternoon and this was what was expected.... In september we have 5/6 year 1s in both reception classes.... We are going touse the reception planning and add the NC objectives when it is appropriate.


We have photocopied the NC requirements for all subjects and will highlight and date them to show how we are covering the year 1 curriculum through the foundation stage for these children.


My main concern is the Science... which we may plan seperately and in more detail.... to be sure that we go into the depth required in KS1.


We use the Norfolk planning format.... although I have added all the green stepping stones to this and we will add the NC objectives later in the year. On the overview we will be using a different colour font to showthe year 1 expectations.


I will watch with interest to see what others do :)



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Hi Lorna, thanks for your reply I was beginning to feel very lonely.


I have always had a mixed age class but this year it has been just Reception. When I had mostly Reception I added on the NC statements, when I had mostly Year ones I added on the ELG's stepping stones. Next Year it is going to be mostly Reception so if no one else has any more advice I will be adding on the NC statements again. I was inspected in 2005 when I was planning like this and the inspectors were impressed so I feel confident.


As for Science we have a fab scheme in our LEA and they have also written a Reception one which works along side but is full of playbased activitites. I only have it in hard copy though. If you think it would be useful I will happily copy and send it to you to look at (which is why I won't mention which LEA I come under :o )


Cheers for sharing how you work, I know there is no right way to work but I am always very interested to hear how others are working. :D

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Guest tinkerbell

I do what Lorna is suggesting.

i have 15 R and 6 yr1 and use the Norfolk planning adding bits and changing as \i go.The year 1s I have popped the NC objectives this sumer term as they were still working on the ELGs up until now.I dont highlight for yr1 because my more able child is a reception!


I will tell you what the Ofsted person thinks as she is Foundation trained ,she wil be looking at my planning no doubt on Wed?th.


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Good Luck tinkerbelle....

Nice to see we are all doing the same sort of things.


I will only highlight the year 1 stuff because others in our school will wnt ot see what we do differently for the Year 1s in our area...... but still at least they are based where best suits their needs.



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Hi I will be having a mixed R/Y1, with 18 reception adn 6 Y1, would anyone like to share planning with me just to get my head about it a bit more, I know the norfolk site has been suggested, can anyone point me in the right direction


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