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hi guys,

ive just been reading nursery world, and saw an ad for new qualifications from cache, it says they build on knowledge from existing level 3 qualifications.

they are:

Cache level 3 award in early years and child care for playworkers, and

Cache level 3 award in Playwork for Early years and child care workers.


Does anyone know anything about them? i've looked on the cache website but no joy.

im wondering bc im level 3 qualified in child care and education but working in a playwork setting at the mo, so the second award would be good for me.


thanks laura xx


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I haven't seen Nursery World yet, but it may be something to do with this...


NDNA info on Transition Award


and here is the document the previous page links to...


Transitional Awards


By the looks of things, from a quick read, this is the consultation and proposed curriculum document, but it gives you an idea of the work involved.


It may not be related, but if I find out more, I'll let you know!


RB x

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Guest cathy m

I am also considering the transitional award as i have the level 3 in early years care & education. I was told that my local college are hoping to introduce it in September. I have info printed out which I will look for later and get back to you



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I have some if the info on this, what would you like to know?


The basic idea is that people can transfer skills and knowledge and fast track a qualification, so if you have a level 3 in playwork, you can do a special level course in Early Years and Child Care so you are qualified to work with under 5s. I have the syllabus for that course, I think you can also do it the other way round but I don't have that syllabus.


If you would like to know anything about the Level 3 Award in Eraly Years and Child Care for Playworkers, ask away! :D

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  • 2 months later...

:) Hi, this is going slightly off track but I'm trying to help a friend who wants to do a level 3 teaching assistants course but our local college only does it at a time when she can't get there! So she was loking at alternative routes, I have found that you can do it on-line!! how would that work? based at Bournemouth, does anyone know of any other on-line options?

I was also wondering about suggesting an NVQ to her then she could be assessed at school and compile a portfolio of evidence etc and wouldn't have to go to college.

she has quite recently finished a level 2 course so is fairly used to study.

Anyone have any suggestions??


Thanks Jane

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