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Just wondered how you all informed parents that children can attend your setting if they're not toilet trained, verbally or in writing?


Parents in our setting still think children have to be toilet trained before they can come at 2 years 9 months. I usually bring it into the conversation. Would be very interested to see how you word it if you put it in writing.


Many thanks.


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We have a 'frequently asked questions' sheet which which give out to parents of children on our waiting list. This includes the issue regarding children still in nappies, and other things like what parents should do if they are unable to collect their child etc. You could maybe include a short line in a newsletter or have a 'question of the week' board e.g Q - "my child is not toilet trained yet, can he/she still come to Pre School?" then add your answer underneith. Hope this helps.

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In my intro leaflet I state we welcome children aged from 2 yrs and provide nappy changing facilities.



I like the idea of frequently asked questions info sheet, any chance of posting a copy, please. :D

It would be useful and interesting, and we could add any questions we have had that are not setting specific.



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What a good idea I would like to see that too - especially as I am about to start my dissertation on communication with parents - its something we don't do - and a draft would be fanastic.


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Thanks myhenroxanne, and well done for attaching :D:o


Here are some questions parents have asked me.


How do I pay my fees? ( fees procedure)


Can I stay? ( settling in procedure)


What will my child do? ( routine and curriculum)


Are all the staff checked, and qualified? ( not frequently asked but have been, and certainly worth mentioning)


I'm worried ( about how we will judge, rather than worried about childs behaviour), my child is a bit naughty...( not really a question, more a statement, but unfortunately I hear it quite often)- Behaviour management and child development chat, also talk about how long or not they will be expected to sit, say at story times etc- parents often worry their child will have to sit, like their old perception of school.


Do you go outside the preschool? ( meaning outdoor play or walks- different issues/worries)

info about risk assesment, ratio's where we go and why it's good.


What if you can't contact me? ( we discuss other contacts, 1st aiders, emergency procedure, when a child is ill procedures)


What if they have an accident? ( wee themselves) - spare clothes, no blame culture


Lunchtimes- will they have to eat all their food? describe lunchtime rules


can't think of any more at the moment, but I'm sure others could add to this.




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Feeling quite proud of myself for a successful attachment - watch out, there'll be no stopping me now!


Glad that the FAQ sheet has been helpful.

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