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Help For A Friend Again!


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I am being asked by a friend for some suggestions for an Interview

She is using the text: The Train Ride

She would like a range of literacy activities and a suggestion for assembly based on trains, or the stories!

Please can anyone advise.

Also interactive activities if poss

Many thanks

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Beckyann, will try to get back to you later this weekend. I'm planning to do this in a couple of weeks. I've done it before and we set up a 'train' and ticket office for outdoor play. The children did lots of counting - how many on, how many if one more get on/off etc. Also writing a list of things you'd pack in a rucksack if you were going on a long train journey - book/comics, drink, sandwiches. It's a very repetative book so you could use the same format but go into the town - What do I see .... Railway timetable (simple of course). Made trains from junk materials. Dance - the locomotion.


There is planning for this on the Hamilton website I think.


Sorry, I know you only asked for literacy ideas :o

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