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I am going to be observed in two weeks time teaching philosophy for children to my gifted and talented group. I will be using a book called 'When the wind stops', it

is about a little boy who is asking his mum very searching questions such as 'why does the day end?' and 'where does the rain go when the storm is over?'

Do you have any suggestions on follow up activities after a shared reading session?

thanks zouzou

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Hi there!!


I don't really have any ideas for you, but just wanted to say I'd love to do something like this with my more able children, so please share what happens and your suggestions further!





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Don't know if this is of any interest to you, but I did read a good article recently about a teacher who had began exploring philosophy with very young children. She began her session by lighting a candle - to focus the children and to act as a beginning cue to the session. As she was working with nursery children - they explored and discussed nursery rhymes such as 'why did Humpty Dumpty sit on the wall?. 'Was he wise to sit on the wall?'. At the end of the short session she would blow out the candle.


I thought I would try this with the children at my nursery and see how it goes.


I would love to get the book you mention.


Good luck to you - I hope the session goes well.

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I read a really lovely book to my nursery children a while back, called 'Why do stars come out at night?', which is full of intesting questions which little ones can begin to get their head around. Although the book offers suggestions for answers, I heard some of my lots fantastic responses before reading the 'real' answers from the book. Well worth a look!

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Wow! Zouzou, I only clicked on this by chance as I thought 'philosophy for children' won't be relevant for me ... but I have a statemented boy in my setting on the autistic spectrum - he is fascinated by questions like 'what makes a hurricane? so, whilst (sadly) I can't offer any advice or ideas, I'll be following this link with great interest. Hope you find the ideas/suggestions you need.


Good luck,


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ideas that springs to mind is to look at questions and answers, what do question words do?

How many can we think of

Are there any question we could ask each other. Yo could do this in a circle time type activity.

What do the children wonder about themselves. paint, playdough suggestions for answers. You could even have thought or speech bubbles and record questions and answers in some way -either children or teacher scribe. well that'sall for now as I should be in bed!!!!!

Regards Lynda

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Have just found following titles

But Why? Developing philosophical thinking in the classroom by Sara Stanley with steve Bowkett

the pack includes 4 picture books also available separately such as

Philosophy Bear and the Big Sky

It says that sample pages are available to view at www.networkpress.co.uk

Sorry can't do link!


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