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Reception Yearly Plan


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In our school we are being asked to review our yearly plans.Please would a few people be kind enough to let me have a look at their Nursery and Recetion plans so we have something to compare ours to? :o

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Our yearly plan for Reception is made up of 3 parts:


Environmental Plan - detailing the ELGs we cover thr' our environment

Daily Routine Plan - with ELGs addressed thr' daily routines

Topic plan - with ELGs put into topics (many repeated)



I will try to attach them - but not sure they should be used in any high regard!


Here are the others




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For my long term plan I just have a grid with all of the ELGs on it. I then tick off when I've taught something and keep a check to make sure that, at the end of the year, everything is marked. This allows me to be flexible in my approach and follow areas of interest whilst still ensuring that everything is covered.



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What fantastic staring points for planning! Thankyou all for sharing ...... as I haven't begun teaching yet (begin sept) I haven't anything long term to offer. There is a site that you may well of heard of called the Hamilton Trust that is quite useful.

Just put into search engine and you will find. (sorry I don't have www address to provide)

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