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I was hoping that we wouldnt have to write end of nursery reports and that the FSP would be sufficient, however we have been taking the children to their new schools and nearly all of the schools have asked for a report from us as the FSPs are too lengthly and they dont have time to read them (all that hard work and they dont have time! not a appy bunny!)


Does anyone have any examples/templates as I am rapidly running out of time.

I only intend to make a comment for each area do you think that will be enough?


I do agree perhaps the FSP doesnt provide enough basic knowledge on the child ie can do shoe laces go to the toilet unaided etc.


I have 30 children to write reports for and have gone blank dont know where to start?

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I haven't got a copy on the computer but in Kent we have a record of transfer that all pre-school settings use to send to the schools. It is A4 in size and double-sided. It has the childs name, sex, date of birth, address, address of new school, medical information and social information all in boxes at the top. Then it is divided into the six learning areas where you circle which stepping stone they are on, write a small paragraph on the area of learning and then write the recommended next step. At the end of the report there is a box to write a personal comment in and a box for the parent to write a comment in. On average it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour per report to fill in. I don't know whether anyone from Kent has a hard copy they can send you?

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I've just been doing some training on transitions and this obviously came up. One of the key issues is knowing exactly what the schools want to know/need to know about the children. I have a list compiled by reception teachers, which I'll type up (it is on flipchart paper) and share as a guide.


I do have a list of key areas relating to personal, social and emotional dev which is useful info to pass on which I'll paste below.


Might be of some help






separate from parent/carer with confidence


get dressed independently


put on shoes and do up


put on coat and do up


be able to use the toilet and wash hands


turn taking and sharing


listen to other children


be able to follow simple instructions


recognise own name


be able to hold a pencil


cut with scissors


work with other children in pairs or small groups


able to use a knife and fork


respond to questions from adults


talk about school and their expectations


use a tissue and blow their nose


do they enjoy books


are they able to make choices and decisions, be independent

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