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Teaching Children Capacity Concept


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Can anyone offer me some help and guidance and some hints on how to teach

Key Stage 1 children the concept of capacity


Is the measurements only litres and millilitres or do you have to go into other

measurements with them.


I need to do an activity with them - my first thought was using jugs and water but its

trying to explain the concept.


Do I need to include heavier and lighter and weight too?


Or would a cooking experiment cover capacity as filling up jugs with water isn't very



Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome! :)

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In Y1 you would be looking at non standard measurements. I would set task such as how many cups to fill the jug or how many egg cups to fill a cup

Year 1

Estimate, measure, weigh and compare objects, choosing and using suitable

uniform non-standard or standard units and measuring instruments, e.g. a lever

balance, metre stick or measuring jug


In Y2 children would be expected to use standard measurements

Year 2

Estimate, compare and measure lengths, masses and capacities, using standard units (m, cm, kg, litre) and suitable measuring instruments

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