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Dear all,


This half term our topic is fairytales and I thought it would be a good idea to do Aladdin as all the well known fairytale are about princesses and my boys are not as engaged as I would like them to be. I am stuck on literacy activities, do you have any suggestions?

lol Zouzou

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Sorry if this appears twice - I was really excited and typed too quickly the first one accidently vanished.


When I have done Aladdin - we have thought about Where would you go on your magic carpet? I was lucky enough to get 30 carpet samples form a carpet store so they all had their own! Recording on rug shaped paper of course!


We made our own storyboxes using sandpaper & sand. Looking closely at the shapes and type sof buildings to darw these to add onto the siades of the boxes - after we made the puppets these weere really popular for re-enacting.


We painted large scale characters and recorded words to describe them all around - this was great especially for the evil Jafar!


You could also use the Disney Colouring site to find some pictures to add sppech / thought bubbles to add what the charcter may be saying / thinking.


I know I did other stuff too but it was a couple of years ago, if anything else comes back to me - i'll post again!


Hope it helps


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