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Planning Separately For Numeracy And Literacy


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Can anyone help please

Assessment coordinator likes FS (Reception ) to plan for lit/num in same format as the rest of the school.What does everyone else in reception do and have you any examples I could look at please.We would like to plan using stories and just add Lit/Num planning in same format as planning for other areas.#Thanks in anticipation


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Hi I preferred not to plan separately when I was teaching!

I found it harder to deliver the elements in an integrated way thoroughout the day with separate plans and also seemed to be diminishing the notion that in FS all curriculum areas are equal.

However, amongst my team were teachers who had planned separately in previous settings and I devised the attached plan to keep us both happy!

We also at one stage used the literacy and numeracy plans from hamiltontrust, highlighting what we delivered!


not sure that helps?


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I teach Rand 7 year1s and I do seperate planning for lit and numeracy.I have attached lit planning


thanks Susan and Tinkerbell both examples very useful and I will use for discussion with my team :)

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