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I have been a budget to resource the indoor and some outdoor equipment. Obviously we need a cooker and fridge. We also have to replace a lot of small world stuff, but I think storage is going to take up some money. I was thinking of clear plastic trays in wood units, with the odd cupboard placed around the unit, and used to section off areas.

If anyone has any advice or photos to share which would help with storage and general resource ideas, I would love to hear from you.

My budget os £3500.

Many thanks

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DON'T rush into spending that 3500 too soon. Buy the basics and wait to see how the children use what you have before getting more!


We have just removed a huge amount of stuff, children with too much in front of them do not make informed selections - they are overwhelmed so just ' flit and dump', to use the pedagogical terminology! :)

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Hi Beckyann

Have you been to the Early Excellence Centre in Huddersfield? They have fab continuous provision furniture and excellent resources. You will find them on www.earlyexcellence.com.



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Early Excellence Centre at Huddersfield - I had been told it was good, and my lovely Headteacher took me last week - with school's cheque book. We bought 3 storage units - a role play one with hangers and room for boxes, an art one with pegs to hang painting paper, space for paint pots and a back slot for paper/card/pictures, and a general shelving unit - I think they were around £200 possibly slightly less, and you could have optional backs of whiteboard/magnetic board, a felt board (I think) or plain back. We also bought lots of little bits. Some things are very expensive, but we bought lots of things for story sacks, and I thought the finger puppets were very reasonable. It's just a lovely place to go to browse and to pick up ideas, even if you don't buy from them. We came back and got the YPO and Argos catalogues out to order some of the stuff.




PS I'm planning another trip during the holds to pick up some more extras for myself.

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The painting unit at the Early Excellence centre is brilliant. I had a whiteboard on the reverse. It is an inspirational place to go. I've been twice. I had to resource a unit two years ago. The T.S catalogue is fantastic and I also found the D& G catalogue useful too. I looked at how to resource key areas, amd tried to look at essentials and then highly desirable. I would put a list together that parents may be able to help you with too. After putting out a plea I had a kinder box and loads of good quality books offered and a local playgroup offered us some outside toys as they were closing down.

Community playthings blocks, a tuff spot, and and a Little Tikes Double deck superslide , with free mini car and then 3 varieties of wheeled toys,plus a wheelbarrow, and a pushchair were my main outside stuff. Lately I planned a garden project and inviolved the parents and so now I also have a sensory garden, a digging area and a small wildlife area too. The rest of the stuff I take out from indoors.

I also bought a carpeted top 3 cubby hole unit for construction.

Some role play clothes, a C,D player and a baby belling. We also got a new water tray- an Oasis one-not bad, but a clear one would have been preferable. Also a paint rack dryer,. We had shelving put up near sand and water so I could 'high scope, continuous resources.

Although it's a really positive job to have, it feels like a heavy responsibility, trying to make the best of what you have. So I shall think of you One disaster I made was to get some role play panels. They click together and have corruflute centres. They are just too flimsy for use with this age range. Much of the storage I got was flat pack-cheaper. We don't have anyone else to put it together so guess who spent afternoons doing it for nothing.

Have you got any outside storage, as I think this is a big issue, I am lucky that I'm in an area where we could consider a permanant climbing frame.

Well that just a description of what I did and hope it can give you some ideas and wish you all the best.


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3500 sounds a lot but it doesn't go far if you have to get storage. I know several groups who have gone for some IKEA storage which can work out quite cheap and can act as room dividers. If I was starting out these items would be on top of my lsit

tuff spot - good for indoors and out - (sits exactly on two trapezoidal tables)

cooker, washing machine and fridge - the ones that go into each other so can be removed or stored and take up little or no space - cost about £200

Or a Community Playthings cube - expensive - but worth every penny I have had mine for 9 years - it is used each and everyday, the children never tire of it - it is just so many things. There are very few times of the day that it is not used. It is just beginning to look a bit tired but nothing has broken, splintered - I would certainly replace it but I think it is about £300+ but if you think it is has lasted me over 9 years its really good value.

Good luck and happy spending


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We also got a new water tray- an Oasis one-not bad, but a clear one would have been preferable. Lynda



Found the clear ones soon scratch and look scruffy also my class have managed to shatter 2 in a year. (dropping stones in :o )


Did the block play course on Monday if you are planning on buying the Community Playthings blocks they reccommended buying a full class set of unit blocks (about £1300) and then adding as you can afford more of the hollow blocks etc.


Think storage is probably the most important buy......... we have just ordered some Galt Units from HOPE special offer buy 2 get half size free..........good luck!

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Well the probation service are going to make some of our indoor and outdoor furniture at cost price with no labour which is fantastic.

I have ordered lots of tuff spots etc and my only concern is the role play area, other units have a totally secluded area but unfortunately we do not have a designated seperate room, or area so not sure what to do for that!!!!!!!!!!

We wll have role play outside and create dens etc, trying to get some dads in to help with dens and gardening. Nice idea to get parents and children to help design outdoors.

Have not spent all the money although we need a cooker and a fridge and at reasonable price. Thinking of a tumble dryer??

Probably spent £2000 but have had to replenish a lot of old stuff.

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