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Hi everyone, I am attempting to complete my EYCLO 10 for my Foundation Degree. Can anyone give any advise on what type of things you used for evidence; this one is really frying my brain; no problems with the others.

HELP please!!!! :o

I obviously don't want a full description of what to do just a pointer.


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Guest cathy m

I think it depends on your setting, I'm a registered childminder and I did that course last year (oh the memories!) eg. I used my Ofsted report as evidence in 10.1 a daily plan supporting KUW

A witness statement and maths assessment sheet for 10.2

observation of a group and a story session plaaning sheet for 10.3

I did include 9 pieces of evidence altogether

You can contact me direct if you want more info



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Thanks Cathy, am going to really get my brain round this one. Of course I have been ok with the others; it has to be this one; ok guess which one is going to count for an assignment mark? Yes sods law I suppose EYCLO 10 xD ! Oh well onwards and (well it's supposed to be ) upwards.

Thanks again you may hear more from me... :o

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