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I need some help thinking of more activities. Im sure the children are getting just as bored as me and my CA of the same type of activities i.e letter magnets and words etc.


Does anyone have any ideas they have which work?


Anything pleasssssseeeeeeee!!! :D

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I'm sure there are lots more independent activities for Reception but here are some popular activities with my class


Roll-a-ball letters

Playdough - using alphabet cutters from Early Learning Centre

Alphabet jigsaws and puzzles

Alphabet bingo

High Frequency Word bingo

HFW matching

Finding letters buried in the sand tray

Nursery rhyme/Traditional story jigsaws

Spot the difference sheets - usually based on traditional stories/rhymes

Sequencing cards

Felt board - making different scenes on a giant felt board


Hope some of these ideas are helpful!!

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Don't forget independent activities may need to be modelled/guided before children can undertake them independently. Have heard a figure of 3 or 4 times bandied around at some stage.


Saw an excellent book in our literacy resource centre but can not be borrowed- for literacy in reception, thought it was E Sussex publication but have been unable to trace it, saw a reference to a W. Sussex publication with similar name £10/£15? but too expensive to risk unseen.

Anyone out there know it?


Good luck


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Hi, just to add a few other suggestions for independent activities within Literacy sessions -


Box of puppets and story books - always very popular as children read to puppets or act out stories

Writing Area - lots of different paper, pens, pencils etc - clipboards and envelopes seem to attract the boys to write (We usually spend some time at the beginning of the week discussing what the children could write)

Large alphabet mat and a tray of objects for sorting - this one always causes some lively discussion!

Role play areas

We have cut up and laminated the pages from various favourite stories - the children hang these on a washing line in the right sequence - we sometimes leave a copy of the book around to refer to, but it is often more interesting to let the children sort the pictures out themselves and then tell the story at the end of the Literacy session as part of the plenary. We've had some fantastic versions of stories in this way!


Hope these are useful - I always try to have independent activites which do not involve the children sitting at a table. This seems to reduce problems with behaviour - you can't stress about children not sitting down if they are not supposed to be in the first place!

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Love the washing line idea! Thank you so much. I have tried the alphabet mat and objects as a small group activity but not as an independent activity, but now they have had it modelled im sure it would work well.

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