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Some KUS's you can pick up from books and know exactly where to look others like this one I can't figure..




Presentation of equipment and resources that can encourage/discourage different kinds of activities including individual and group work


Could someone give me some guidance on this one... I find it helpful looking in the Index for related subjects so I know what the question is asking directly.


I can see the answer is going to be a lengthy one and I just can't seem to get my head around it and make some sort of start/headway!


Many thanks


I've nearly finished now! Only got the worse unit left to do (C5) and P3 and that's it NVQ under my belt!

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hi there

in middle of my nvq 3 and have this unit signed off thank goodness. i did a chart of different activities and how to present them. for example painting. make sure the paint is fresh and in fresh pots. different size brushes, clean aprons. home corner. make sure the clothes are clean and usable. make sure there are enough resources. condsider adding in other resources. etc

added in paragraph about making sure all resources are clean and usable . that there is enough to go round so the children who access the activity at the end of the session have the same as the children who access first. make sure the activity is inviting the children to use it. keep it tidy in the session. make sure it is safe and remove any resource that is broken or unusable . making sure outside play is safe and clean .

assessor happy . hope this helps

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