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We are currently reviewing the health and safety proceedures for science in our infant school....(checklist from county)


I have been asked to compile a list of the Health and safety checks you would make before taking the children out.....


1. in the school grounds


2. on a trip.



Does anyone have one of these that I could look at to save me some time.


Thanks Lorna

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Try this link, some very useful risk assessment forms, but not one for outside visits, I think these can only be done by doing previsits.


We have been thinking about this recently and apart from the obvious we came up with;


What to do if a child is ill / allergic reaction whilst out on a trip


Identify a meeting point at venue - if parent needs to pick up poorly child.


Lost child procedure


Contact details of venue ( mobile phone may not have a signal) for parents in case they need to contact you.


FROM PAST EXPERIENCE Clear ground rules that parent helpers do not smoke :o ( I am a smoker and have learnt to wait, why can't parents xD )




Hope these help.



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