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Snacks Usimg Knife And Fork


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Need inspiration for snacks that involve using a knife and fork - we are trying to get the transition children used to using them as almost all will have a school dinner.





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I don't know about snacks but we have (blunt) knives and forks in our malleable area and we encourage them to cut up whatever is available.



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Our children use knives to prepare the snacks - butter knives, strong enough to cut soft fruits, bread etc but not needing to be too sharp.


Our snacks could be eaten with knives and forks, ie instead of cutting banana into slices, we could portion them and other fruits in bigger sizes so that they can be cut and picked up by forks.

Thinking on my feet now...........Banana, Strawberries, toast, breads, soft pears, cucumber, melon, pineapple, cold cooked new potatoes, tomatoes, boiled egg.......

smaller dried fruits / veg ie: raisins, sultanas, sweetcorn etc can be scooped up with a fork...


Thanks for the idea, should be interesting. :D:o




p.s. What practice do they get at home?

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