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At The End Of Foundations Stage, Peter...


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Hmmm.... at the end of each section of our reports (there are 6 sections - one for each area) we have been 'asked' [read 'told'] to put a statement about where the children is in comparison to where they should be nationally.


Either: Peter is working above expected outcomes for CLL;

Peter is working at the expected outcomes for CLL;

or, Peter is working below the expected outcomes for CLL.


xD I'm persoanlly 'a bit' [read 'extremely'] miffed. To have a child coming to their end of their first year in school and then for them to be told they're already working below expected outcomes.


All of a sudden the Foundation Stage has stopped becoming a means for individual children to achieve on the persoanal level!


I asked if the SMT would meet me half way and let me write working towards the ELGs, instaed of working below, but they said no, if the children are working below then the parents need to know.


My argument was that the parents know from my conversations during parents consulatations, and then I had the chance to word it a bit better and take time to explain to the parents, and make reference to the fact that although the child might not be achieving that highly on the ELGs they are making fantastic progress for a boy born on the 31st August. (of which I have two this year, and both of which have made amazing progress, and both of which are going to have 'working below' on their reports :( what kind of encouragement does that hold. :(


What does everyone else think about this? I'm angry :( grrr.... and I need a beer :o

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Agree completely.

Also horrified that you should have to be so bold (not sure what a better word must be but there probably is one!). Can you not somehow add your exclusion clause. Sounds as if these poor schildren are being written off already.


Thank goodness as Im a supply teacher, I dont write reports.




PS sorry this is very garbled.

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Just a thought.... when I got my sons KS1 SATS results last year it had the phrase 'working towards' all over it.


Surely if it's good enough for the Government it's good enough for your SMT?


It sounds like your SMT is doubting the parents ability to recognise that 'working towards' means the same as 'working below' - now I'm not the brightest button in the box but I get it (maybe i'm working above my expected outcomes lol)


Keep fighting your (and the kids) corner!


Sarah xxx

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I am not a teacher and work in Scotland anyway, and thankfully we have a different system here but I think you have every right to be angry. Children are not born to be 'average'! They all have their strong areas and weaknesses but as adults we should be celebrating all of their achievements. A child who is 'working below' may have made outstanding progress throughout the year, yet that one statement could completely undermine that. xD


I hope you enjoyed your beer. :o

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i write working towards the ELG on mine or has achieved the ELG. my head is fine with this. we do have a parents evening and i exlpain that they are working towards it and need to do.... etc to achieve the goal.

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Guest tinkerbell

Oh dear,My heart sinks when i read things like this paul.

What do they mean working below? are you refering to the elusive point 6 or point 9?

Can you see your SMT and instead of writing is working above or below write

Bobs target in maths is .......


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We have a similar box to tick at the end of out reports (I have R/Y1), and our 3 boxes are;

working towards standard

achieved standard



We do avoid the below issue, but it is quite hard to decide for some childen. I didn't have any negative feedback last year (all R last year), so hhopefully parents are OK with it .The handful I spoke to last year were quite happy.


Oh well,back to report writing again - 6 done, 24 to go!


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I agree with others comments, especially Tinkerbells useful comment for parents as being, next target is....


Only this morning on TV there was a discussion about children suffering from depression, even prozac being described for 8 yr olds xD:(:o


We should not be undermining achievement in this unconstructive way, but valuing effort, which in turn will motivate effort and the childs self esteem.


Paul, Can you take this further to Governors or LEA? ( sorry I don't know what authority the position of an SMT holds)


Good luck with hopefully changing this draconian attitude you are having to deal with at what is already a very busy time.



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Hi Paul

I agree with everything that's been said. "Working towards" is definitely the phrase to use. Your point about those summer born boys is highly pertinent. I think your SMT are nuts!

Fight your corner - we are all right behind you :D


PS Did you go for that other job you mentioned??? :o

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I agree with all the comments made - what a horrible position to be put in, and surely working towards ELG says just the same - ony in a much kinder way, besides, if you have had talks with parents this is more important and parents know, roughly, how their children are doing compared to other children.


Our head gave us all a quick reminder/prep talk before half term (report writing time) and told us to make sure we started with the positive, and to make sure that what we put in our reports needed to be there. I know she was talking more about negative comments regarding attitude or behaviour - but she said if you've already spoken to parents ask yourself whether you really need to put it in writing - where it's permanent.


How much pressure are these children (and their parents) who are 'failures' in reception going to feel when SATs come along?

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PS  Did you go for that other job you mentioned???  xD



Hmmm... I'm still thinking about it... I just wish it was easier to decide. I'm just really reluctant to leave where I am at the moment as I've worked so hard putting lots of new things in place... but then again, I can't let that be the reason to never move on huh!? :o and part of me thinks, oh my life... I'll be Leader of Learning for the FS... i.e. 100% accountable should anything not work out as I expected... argh :( I need one of those magic-8-balls and then I could just ask that what I should do! ha :(

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