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Three days running one of our boys has bitten another child - different one each day.

Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with this to protect the other children.


This little boy has not as far as we know bitten before although he has other behavioural issues, doesn't know how to approach other children.



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You will have to speak to the parents, I think. Biting is often a sign of frustration but can not be allowed and you may need to be very firm on this one, even to the point of sending child home.

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Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt! Can be a worrying time. I found some good advice on this forum. Found the topic but alas didn't know how to link it.


If you search forum posts (above right), type in biting, it will give you a list of topics. One I found very useful was the one entitled children biting, peoples procedures. We basically followed this advice. Bought the two books mentioned from Amazon which I felt were very useful to read with the child who is biting, and as a group.


We were able to support the child, stopped the biting and had a huge sense of acheivement when we did. I'm sure you will too. Good luck.



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I am dealing with the same problem at the moment.

The week before half term it happened every day.


Even when the child was closely supervised, it happened. It just happens so quickly.



This little girl has just had a baby brother and I think feels that she gains attention by biting



Our area SENCO gave me somevery good advice that seems to be working at the moment.


When she comes to Pre-School we draw a flower on a piece of card. Each time she does something nice or kind she can stick a petal on her flower. She chooses the colour.


WE then choose a beautiful butterfly sticker, but she is not allowed this until the end of the session, and of course only if she has been good.


It helps because we write the good things she has done on the petals and we can remind her about the butterfly sticker if she has difficult moments.


Only reward for the good things, not for not biting anyone and dont take rewards away once they have been given.


Hope this helps, I know how horrible it is for everyone when this is happening.



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Just to update - our biter returned today after a few days away. We had lots of new strategies in place and it worked at least for today.


1 We allocated a staff member (mostly me) to be with him at all times with a definate handover to someone else.

2 We had happy and sad faces to show him whenever he did anything good or bad

3 every shred of desired behaviour was rewarded with a sticker

4 He had a plastic ring to bite if he needed to bite something (chewed on it several times but that might have been just the novelty of having it)



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