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Just handed in my final assignment for my first year of the Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching - what a year! One last hurdle for next Monday though - the dreaded presentation :o Have based it on what happens if the 'Foundations' are left incomplete, by which I mean what the results are of an abrupt transition into a year one class where there is no regard given to the profile and no play based provision.

Just need a bit more evidence to back up some of my points - I know that in Wales the FS has been extended & does anyone have any info on this or anything connected

Thanx, Miffy x :D

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Miffy, Have you looked at thr transition study by the NFER?

If you look at the NFER site there are other articles written by Dawn Sanders including a presentation she did regarding her findings.

The Early Years Educator magazine has had a couple of articles written by teachers in Lewisham or Wandsworth who have extended the foundation stage practice into year 1 and why they decided to change.

If you haven't seen any of this I can send you proper addresses and dates of articles but can't now as I am too excited!


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