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Maths Activities For 2 Year Olds


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We ahve a maths table within my setting and we are desperately in need of some new ideas, we have the usual or threading activities, matching activities, sorting activities just want something different to do, has anyone got any ideas. For 2-3 year old children.


Thank you


Emma xXx

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few ideas, some may be more related to pre-school tho....


*compare bears

*Magnetic numbers

*12345, once i caught a fish alive ~ visual tool, same for five little speckled frogs, and 5 currant buns

*stacking cups and shape sorters (maybe a little young but our 2 -3 year olds love playing with them)

*Balancing scales and assorted objects to weigh

*sorting cups (coloured) and coloured objects to place in the corresponding cups

*magnetic numbers, and magnetic objects to correspond with the number, ie number 1 = one sheep, number 2 = 2 cars and so forth....

*calculators (the big one's) our children just love pressing the numbers.. we normally put out a few toys so that they can 'add' them up

* we also have a colour box (just an assortment of coloured card) and a shape box (assortment of shapes) which we put out with paper so that the children can copy the shapes/ colours if they want to..... (staff supported most of the time!)

* magnets and metal objects (may fall more under KUW rather than maths?)


that's all i can think of, hope some of it is some use for you



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I'd say try to add some natural items, such as pine cones, leaves, pebbles, shells, flowers, twigs, etc for the children to explore and sort into size, shape, colour, weight, length, favourite, least favourite etc. If you can get your hands on some pretty (hopefully ethnic) wooden bowls from charity shops for them to sort items into, even better.


Also, if you can, get them outside to explore maths in their environment - perhaps a shape walk, a number walk, height walk etc.


Good luck and have fun.



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try threading Cheerios on sweet laces, makes a change from ordinary threading. also for those children that haven't had breakfast they can have a little top up before break time :D

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