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Cooked Lunches - Menu Ideas


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One of the team has taken on the role of developing a bank of menu ideas for the children's hot lunches.


At present we provide the children with a main course and a dessert at lunch time, but we need to develop our menus further.


Has anyone got any tried and tested recipes, for both main course and pudding?

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We are just in the middle of switching to the summer menu so are still in the trial stage, however some favourites are:


leek and potato soup with crusty bread, pureed so no lumps but still quite thick.


BBQ chicken, potato wedges and dip


cottage pie


roast chicken dinner, (not nice to cook in the summer but always gos down well)


plougmans lunch - veg sticks, cheese, pickle, crusty bread. This is no good for babies they have a seperate dinner on this day.


Cheese & veg pie.


We CANNOT get the children to eat fish, don't like them to have fish fingers, we tried making our own, tried fish pie, the only fish we can get them to eat is tuna pasta bake.


sausage casserole and mash


macaroni cheese is a good one, however the chidren at te nursery where i am at the minute on't really like it but it has gone down well in the past.


We made pizza muffins the other day which the children really enjoyed (more of a snack though) basically muffins cutin half with tomato puree on and cheee and whatever other toppings.


There are loads more that i can't thimk of off the top of my head but let me know if you need them and i will try and get a copy of our menu, i'm not that technical though.


Puddings - this is difficult for us at the minute as we are trying not togive too much sweet stuff.


rice pudding and sultanas


bananas and custard


fruit flan


Fresh fruit salad


sponge and custard


fruit in jelly


hope this helps

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